My First Blog: Advologix

This evening, I visited with my sister, Suzy and her family.  Suzy has become a social media expert of sorts and has been giving me very valuable advice on harnessing the power of social media for the promotion of my business.   On Suzy’s advice, I present my first blog as a solo blogger.  I’ve blogged for my company, Affinity Consulting Group, but herein below are my thoughts and my thoughts alone.

Tonight, I write my first blog from Cary, North Carolina where I am one of a dozen invited legal technology consultants participating in the very first training “boot camp” for a relatively new “cloud based” practice management solution built upon the platform called ADVOLOGIX

Two years ago, when I first heard about cloud based software solutions, I, like many other legal technology consultants, dismissed the concept of “Cloud Based” as a “fad”.  I thought that cloud based solutions (and by the way, personally, I don’t care for the name “cloud”.  Clouds are wet, murky and don’t permit us to see clearly…not a good name for a place for software to organize our law practices) would go the same way as the “ASP” models that we heard about in the early part of the 21st century.  But “the cloud” is really the natural evolution of the ASP model, that being a model where databases and applicaitons all run remotely, presumably in a web-browser and do not need any local workstation installation.  It is literally log on and go.  But two years ago, I dismissed these solutions for 2 important reasons…(a) traditional practice management solutions were so far advanced in functionality, having been on the market for about two decades.  The “cloud” solutions were brand, spanking new and offered features that the traditional software offered 20 years ago, and (b) I worried about data integrity, security, ethics and the like about hosting client data in and on servers where we really didn’t know physically where they were and who had control of them.  Could we lose client sensitive data with the flip of a switch brining an entire server farm down somewhere across the world?

But, I’ve changed my mind.  First and foremost, Advologix, to me, stands out as the premier “cloud based” practice management choice because it is built on the platform.  Sales Force, I’ve come to learn,  hosts nearly 2 million users working in companies of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies. Because of the feature rich platform, Advologix, unlike many cloud based competitors, is really able to be as sophisticated as its client/server based competitors.  And, possibly even more so.  Salesforce is completely safe and trusted (see and take a look at the security certificates galore.)  Compared to other cloud based practice management start ups, the differences between others and Advologix are, to this blogger, astounding. 

And, I’m humbled, as Advologix is so far advanced, and so feature rich, that even after my first 8 hours of “boot camp”, I’m not only genuinely excited at what I can bring to my current and future clients, but at the same time, I am honestly a bit overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of what I need to learn.  Advologix now brings to the world of legal technology a new solution, a new foundation and an amazing future for those in my industry and those who work in and own law firms throughout the world.  I can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “My First Blog: Advologix

  1. We are in a transition period when the next level of cloud-based legal applications will be the integration of feature-rich customizable, case management, document management and billing systems, all connected to each other and securely available in the cloud. Document management and practice management are already up in the cloud – now it is time for the integration of powerful billing and reporting systems.

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