Taking a bite of the Apple.

For years, I resisted the urge to taste the Apple in any way, shape or form.  I, up until now, adhered to the mantra that Apple was for the arts industries and Windows was for business, including law firms.  But, the lines are becoming more and more blurred.   In my humble opinion, with the introduction of the iPad, our good friends at Apple have their first foray into true positioning their product for mainstream business.   And, as we fly further and further into the proverbial “cloud”, it really won’t matter whether a lawyer uses a MAC or a WINDOWS based laptop/computer. 

MY baby step into the apple orchard occurred last year when I ordered by first iPad.  Upon receipt thought to myself, this will be a pretty cool toy.  I proceeded to download games (I love Scrabble), the Weather Channel ‘APP’ (I am a Weather geek) and a myriad of entertaining icons (ABC Player – so I don’t miss a first run episode of Modern Family), the Net Flex app (for when I do), the GMail app, etc.  And then, I figured out how to set the iPad up for my office exchange server email and found myself checking my email on the iPad more frequently than ever!   It was becoming more and more frequent that I would reach for the iPad than my trusty “old” Windows 7 laptop.  In fact, one night, in the middle of the night, the Weather Channel called (the geek that I am subscribes to the Weather Channel service in case a tornado approaches my home…) to warn us of a possible tornado in our area and I immediately reached for the iPad (docked near my bed) and checked the local weather radar (took 5 seconds) to see if, in fact, a tornado was on its way to my house (fortunately…there wasn’t).   But the iPad was readily available. 

Just last week, I took notes on my iPad when visiting a client and was able to even download and set up the Worldox(R) app for the iPad (allowing me instant access to my document management system).  I can even review documents in my Dropbox and I check my e-mail with blazing speed. 

And, most recently, last week I got fed up with my Motorola DroidPro (I personally found it slow for exchange server email and it locked up when the phone rang….don’t get me started…that will be another blog on another day) and my Apple crazy 14 year old son convinced me that it was time for me to take another bite of the Apple….and I did.  I now am the proud owner of Verizon’s iPhone 4 and I have to admit….I really, really like it.  It’s fast, it’s got a ton of utilities available for it and I have to say, it is far and above the best mobile phone I’ve ever owned.  I can browse the web, check my email, play a game, check my Dropbox documents, check in for my flight and show my boarding pass at the security checkpoint (love the Delta app), and so much more. 

So whether you find the Apple tasty or poisonous, I have to admit, I am a little bit hooked.  My bite of the Apple is, so far, sweet and juicy.  I am becoming hooked.  And I now ask myself….is it time to change my opinion of Apple?  Is Apple ready for the practice of law?  Maybe.


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