I just returned from Orlando after attending what I consider to be the best Practice Management Annual Conference to date by LexisNexis.  This year’s theme was “we’re listening” as was evidenced by practice management leader, Jonah Paransky and his team symbolically wearing Disney character ears throughout the conference.

Having consulted on Time Matters for the last 6 years, and PCLaw for the last 12, I believe that the current team at LexisNexis is truly listening to their customers and consultants, now more than ever.  Sessions were planned around ideas and thoughts solicited from the CIC (Certified Independent Consultant) advisory panel (of which I was privileged to be a part of this past year) and customers
over the last year.  Education was the overall theme of sessions presented and I, personally, got terrific feedback from customers that I spoke with that sessions were well presented and worthwhile.  The CIC sessions, as well, were informative and interesting.

At PMAC 2011, it was more than evident that the current leadership at LexisNexis truly cares about the customer experience with their product line.  Many software developers do not ever get the  opportunity to meet with, listen to, and ultimately react to their users.  For the first time, my colleagues and I felt like not only were the LN PM team listening, but we have been heard and considered in every aspect of the current and future planning of PCLaw, Time Matters and Juris.  Throughout the conference, LN leadership asked to actually go with CIC’s to customer sites and observe, learn and discover.  And, while earlier this year, many chastised the development team for the lack of new features between versions 10 and 11 of both Time Matters and PCLaw, we fully anticipate great strides in the next version, including fixes, new features and more robust functions that we’ve all been asking for.  I am confident that PCLaw, Time Matters and Juris will grow and mature to even better products than they are today because Jonah and his team are listening….to all of us!



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