Now that I’ve experienced iOS and Android…

Now that I’ve experienced both an iPhone and an Android smart phone, and with a damaged HTC One M8 in my hand (sadly, I dropped it on concrete…the poor thing had no chance but continued to work even with a badly damaged screen), I found myself at a cross-road. I had an upgrade available and a damaged phone. So, was I to get a new Android phone or go back to Apple.

Two years ago, I voluntarily transitioned from an iPhone 5 for the highly regarded HTC One M8 in late 2013 for the very fact that I wanted to experience both iOS and Android. Being a technology consultant, I’m often asked my opinion by my clients as to which operating system and which phone I prefer. I thought it would be wise to have used both an iPhone and an Android phone so I could provide meaningful advice to those that asked.

Now that I’ve experienced both and with a broken smart phone in my hand, the time had come to choose the phone and operating system that I liked best. One of my business partners calls Apple the “evil empire” and he vehemently advocates the Android phone. On the flip side, a consultant colleague of mine pointed out that Android phones are much more vulnerable to viruses and attacks and she wouldn’t DREAM of not enjoying the security that the Apple phone provides. Oh, decisions, decisions!

Ultimately, I went back to Apple (iPhone 6s Plus) for four key reasons….

  1. Battery Life. I found that my Android phone’s battery drained easily and I was always looking for a plug and/or running apps to better manage the battery. This wasn’t true with my iPhone 5. It held its battery pretty darn well. Further, on the HTC, when I downloaded apps from the Google Play store, the apps seemed to want to attach to a LOT of my other apps or else they wouldn’t run. And that seemed to drain the battery even more. And it got hot…..a lot; causing me to reboot several times a week. My new iPhone 6s Plus (about a week old now) has been hovering in the 90-100% range ALL the time….even hours after a charge. To me, the iPhone battery life and battery management is just superior.
  2. iTunes. What ultimately made me feel a sense of freedom when I went to the Android smart phone, ultimately proved that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I found that in the android world, my music, videos, and such were just all over the place when synched with my computer. When I tried to browse the phone’s hard drive (while synching with my desktop), I couldn’t locate ANYTHING easily. Each app in the android world seemed to store different media in different folders. As a bit of an admittedly anal retentive person, I like order and structure and just wanted to know where my “stuff” was located. iTunes – as restrictive as it made me feel, answers my call for structure and harmony. I know where the music is; I know where the ringtones are and I can manage all of my smart phone media much more easily. The settings feature in the iPhone are all concise and easily found…all together. The Android… a little chaotic for me.
  3. Look and Feel and Look. The HTC One M8 is a cool looking phone.  It has a big 5″ screen and stereo speakers at the top and at the bottom. It has weight and it felt good in my hand. But the iPhone 6s Plus…is even better. It’s meaty. It’s fast. It’s screen (with a good glass protector on it) is crystal clear. And, its camera ROCKS! I had a lot of trouble with the built in camera APP for HTC, that I ended up having to find another app for the camera and my pictures were just grainy and mediocre at best. The iPhone’s camera is unbelievably clear, easy to use, and videos are as vivid as can be.
  4. iMessage and Sharing. Since my entire family has iPhones, I love that we can use the iMessage feature when texting. It’s fast, reliable and you can see when your message has been delivered and when a reply is being drafted. And sharing among family is so easy with Apple’s family share plan.   My wife and I can control our kid’s spending with family share. Anytime our daughter tries to buy something through iTunes Store, we’re alerted and have to approve the purchase. Score one for mom and dad’s bank account!

CONCLUSION: The bottom line is that smart phones, for the most part, all basically do the same thing.  I really rely on my phone for email, text messaging and to help manage my travel schedule (love iPhone’s Wallet f/k/a passbook for boarding passes…nothing like it in the Android world to the best of my knowledge).   But, as much as I appreciate the iPhone 6s, honestly, you truly can’t go wrong with a modern Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy or HTC One M9.  Both Android phones have amazing features and excellent performance.   For me, however, the iPhone is just a little bit superior (cue the “Church Lady”) for the four main reasons that drew me back to the world of Apple as expressed herein above.

Whatever your choice, which ever phone you choose, among the most recent phones on the market, you really can’t go terribly wrong.  Happy Smart Phoning everyone!


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