Is it really NOT RESPONDING?

When Microsoft Windows asks a program to do something, like take a keystroke or close itself, and the program fails to acknowledge that request within a certain amount of time, the program is said to be “Not Responding” according to Windows.  If the program never comes out of that state, we might also call it […]

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Taking a bite of the Apple.

For years, I resisted the urge to taste the Apple in any way, shape or form.  I, up until now, adhered to the mantra that Apple was for the arts industries and Windows was for business, including law firms.  But, the lines are becoming more and more blurred.   In my humble opinion, with the introduction […]

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Tech Show’s Silver Jubilee

Next week, I have the privilege of presenting a few sessions at the Silver Jubilee edition of the ABA Tech Show in Chicago (at the Chicago Hilton…right on the lake).  Since I first got involved in legal technology, I’ve made it my business to attend the ABA tech show, first as a booth participant and […]

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Some Time Away from Technology

I love technology.  I live it and embrace it.  I sell and support it to a wide variety of clients.  I feed my family by owning a business that advocates technology.  But, I recognize that technology can also be as much a curse as a blessing.  As I type this “blog”, I know that I’m using technology to […]

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